Friday, June 11, 2010

We're in Anthem Now

Arrived in Anthem around 6:00 last evening after the drive across the desert from Barstow - the cactus and yucca are in bloom, but it's hard for coastal Californians to imagine folks living in the 100+ heat.
The star of Anthem, of course is granddaughter Kate, five years old today, shown above with her birthday cake and below with Andy, her Dad. Kate graduated from pre-school a week ago, with an award for being the Dancing Queen. She twinkles, and seems to be in constant motion - outgoing and energetic - a delight for her grandparents.
Anthem is the staging area for camping at Grand Canyon next week. One of the advantages of the first camping adventure being at the South Rim is that anything we forget is available at the store there. How's that for inching into roughing it?