Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ready for Camping

We've made the obligatory supply run to that outstanding outdoors store, Walmart, and now only have to figure out how to fit all our stuff and four people into the Prius for the three hour ride to the Grand Canyon. If there's a Starbuck's or equivalent at Grand Canyon Village, there may be a picture of the campsite and tent on the blog tomorrow or Tuesday.
Spent the afternoon having fun working at a car wash, but for a sad and serious purpose. A cousin of one of Andy's best friends, a 27 year old Phoenix police officer, was killed with an AK-47 after stopping a stolen car. Leaving wife, two year old daughter and a one month old son. The car wash was one of a series of fundraisers to give the family some financial stability - raised several $K. The other workers were a neat group of younger people with their kids Kate's age and older. Everyone, young and older, pitched in.

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