Sunday, June 27, 2010

Belated Introduction of our Host in Anthem

While Granddaughter Kate has played a featured role in this blog, her Dad, our son Andy, has had more of a supporting role. This entry is to correct that deficiency by telling a bit about Andy.

Andy has finished his third year teaching at Boulder Creek High School in Anthem, where he created and now teaches the three-year Graphic Design program. The program is a CTE program, roughly equivalent to California’s ROP programs. (Indeed Andy started teaching as an ROP teacher at Big Bear.) Andy is tough and blunt, but supportive, with an off-the-wall, humorous, and creative way of guiding his students – he’s liked and respected by them and they produce high quality results. Andy and the students do graphic design work for the school and for local not-for-profits. Andy and a colleague are setting up a graphics design firm, hoping to provide stipends for some of the students.

Andy’s other full-time job is as a single father, very successfully providing a loving and supportive home for Kate.

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