Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grand Cayon, South Rim, Days Three and Four

We began to get into a "take it easy" routine, appropriate for old fudds and five year olds. The air is clean and fresh, the skies are clear, the campground has nice shade, so it's just nice to be out. Wednesday was very windy, though, and I worried that the tent pegs would hold. They did - it's wonderful when things work the way they should!

Kate enjoyed story time. The park is very kid-friendly, and most of the visitors are friendly, too. It's a diverse group of visitors - in four successive nights, the neighboring campsite had a "typical" American family, a German couple, a group of Japanese twenty-somethings, and a group of California teachers celebrating the end of the school year. The people make for a good experience, but we are looking forward to being in less populated parks this summer.
We started Thursday with a campground adventure. Coleman puts a little window near the tent floor advertised as allowing one to run in an electrical cord or to reach out to a cooler for a beer - they don't mention that it's a squirrel door, too, so we had some fun persuading Mr. Brown Squirrel to depart.

I wasn't feeling good Thursday, so Andy drove us east to Desert View. Much as we like the views from the developed areas close to Mather Campground, I think the views from the easterly end of the the Park are even more interesting. One photo here looks west from Lapin Point to the mile-long rapids of the Colorado River. The other photo is from Grandview Point, the location of the first resort hotel at the Grand Canyon.

We ended Thursday with choclate milk shake suppers as we watched the colors in the canyon change at sunset. Next time we come to the Grand Canyon - and judging from Junior Ranger Kate's interest - next time will be soon - we'll go to one of the eastern points for sunset (or maybe sunrise if it's at a more reasonable hour than 5 AM).