Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grand Canyon, Summing up the Experience

Friday morning, we broke camp leisurely, but without mishaps. Andy and Kate took off so Kate could finish her Junior Ranger badge and get her certificate, then make their way bak to their home in Anthem.

After a teleconference of the Diocesan Standing Committee, Joan and I started back to Anthem going via the eastern exit. After stopping at Moran Point and and Lapin Point, we went east into Navajoland, stopping at the Tribal Scenic Viewpoint overlooking the Little Colorado River - worth the $2.00 entry fee. Then on to Anthem through Flagstaff. We'll enjoy Andy and Kate for two more days, then Monday morning will be off to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Won't camp there, though.

We are hoping to camp at Bryce later next week. Our four days at Mather Campground were a success. We did enough things right to gain confidence in this camping business, and we made enough mistakes to feel like we learned a lot. We'll make some immediate tweaks, punctuated by a Walmart run, based on what we've learned. By the end of the summer, maybe we'll have all the bugs worked out. We learned did have a secret weapon with us - Andy had sixteen years experience in the Army and Army Reserve, loves the outdoors - and is a very capable camper. He kept watch on us and we're appreciative of his patient teaching.