Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday: Jenny Lake Trail and an Earthquake

Wednesday morning, we drove to the South Jenny Lake center.  Jenny Lake lies at the foot of Grand Teton Mountain.  We took the two mile trail around the southwest quadrant of the lake, and added in a side trip on the Moose Pond trail to see a moose enjoying the water.
Jenny Lake from the South Jenny Lake Trail
Mama Moose Rooting Around in Moose Pond

We thought about hiking up to Inspiration Point, but being tired and hungry decided the wise course was to go back to South Jenny Lake on the shuttle boat - a quick 15 minute ride.
The Easy Way Back to the Prius
We went back to Signal Mountain Campground, where we had a picnic above the beach.  I spent an  hour or more with my second colored pencil drawing.  One learns so much by doing things wrong!
Boats on Lake Jackson
We returned to the campsite for some lazy reading before supper and were disturbed by the  rolling of the earth, the result of a Magnitude 4.8 earthquake with its epicenter about 30 miles away.  Joan called it as a 5.0; I didn't think it was that big, but she was right.  We live now about a mile from the San Andreas Fault - it was about the same distance when we were in Cupertino.  But we had to go to Wyoming to feel our first quake since we lived in Palos Verdes in the '80s.