Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday: To Missoula

To Missoula sounds pretty tame, but

1.  We said goodbye to Signal Mountain Campground with real sadness - could have stayed there the rest of the summer.  Indeed, we're toying with the idea of working at Grand Teton for the last six weeks of the season next year.  So we took the tent down and packed up - we're slowly getting better at that - and stopped at Lake Jackson Lodge for breakfast and a last view of Mt. Moran through those wonderful lobby windows.

2.  We got stopped by the bison herd in Yellowstone again.  For about 45 minutes.  This time I got pics.
And there were a Couple of Hundred More!
Here's Looking at You
Bison and Calf along the Road
3.  We got stopped by a grizzly bear rooting along the road.
Bear Who Wouldn't Look at Me
 4.  we made a return visit to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Yellowstone Falls.  The Yellowstone River drains Lake Yellowstone to the north with the flow ending up in the Missouri River for the long trip to the Mississippi River delta.

5.  We found ice cream at the Canyon Village deli.

6.  We went over the high pass (8800') by Mt. Washburn on the road from Canyon Village to Roosevelt, and then proceeded across the northern part of the park to Mammoth Hot Springs.

5.  We were stopped by a herd of elk that was camped out on the grounds of the old stone Army chapel at Mammoth Hot Springs.
Did She Go to the 8:00 or the 10:30 Service?
Three More Elk from a Herd of Twenty or More
 After leaving Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone through the Roosevelt Arch and the North Entrance, we passed through the little town of Gardiner and followed the Yellowstone River north to Livingston, where we picked up I-90 for the drive to Missoula and the Prius' Monday morning appointment for service.