Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inspiration Point

The high point of Friday was, literally, Inspiration Point.  We took the boat across Jenny Lake to the trailhead for the trail to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, opposite Thursday drawing seat.
The trail from the boat landing to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point is a rough one, mostly climbing up.  The trail is "paved" by glacial rock, which means it's a very uneven rock surface and the rocks occasionaly are treacherously loose.  Along the way, though, there are a continuing series of geology lessons.
Note the Trail Surface
The Hidden Falls are beautiful, made more beautiful because the Falls really are hidden, unseen from Jenny Lake or even from the trail until one makes a dramatic turn toward them.
Hidden Falls
The hike from Hidden Falls to Inspiration Point includes a narrow section carved from the face of the mountain, but the view from Inspiration Point looking out over Jenny Lake is worth it.
Inspiration Point is about 750' above Jenny Lake after more than a mile of climbing.  One of the photos I didn't get there - I suppose all photographers have regrets about "the one that got away" - was that of Joan and the three Chinese-American girls.  They decided they needed a picture of themselves with the "Lady with the Red Hat."  So they have the picture, but I didn't have the presence of mind to take one with my trusty Olympus.  The Red Hat, by the way, was great - I could always pick Joan out of the crowd when we lost each other.

We came back down to the boat, came across to the South Jenny Lake trailhead, drove up to Colter Bay, and turned our attention to the mundane, showers and laundry and Internet access, followed by an excellent dinner at the restaurant there.