Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Last Day at Jasper

Sunday morning we had a lazy breakfast (there's not much action in Wapiti Campground until 9:00 or later) and then went into Jasper for the 10:30 service at the Anglican Church.  Good people, a congregation smaller than Shepherd by the Sea's, with a Mexican priest coming as Vicar.  It was nice to see people whom we'd met the evening before.

In the afternoon, which was hot, and more humid than we were used to, we did a relatively short hike - Whistlers took a lot out of us - up the Maligne River Canyon, just above Jasper.  It's a lovely hike, much of it in the trees.  Lots of falls and rapids. 
And some places where underground streams (from Lake Medicine?) emptied into the river.
It was spitting rain at the end of the hike, but we decided to revisit Pyramid Lake, on the other side of Jasper.  The rain had stopped so we did some exploring.  There's a bridge to an island 100' or so from shore.  The island is a community park, apparently a favorite for romance.  Walking out, we encountered a wedding party - we surmised that the wedding had happened probably at the the lodge down the road, that the party came to the island for pictures, and that they were returning to the lodge for dinner.  As we walked around the island, we found peaceful views in abundance.
Pyramid Lake Reflections
And then back to Jasper, supper at L&W Restaurant, our favorite, a walk to the other end of town for an ice cream cone, and then back to Wapiti Campground to prepare for our move to Lake Louise.