Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday: Saying Goodbye

Saturday morning we organized the stuff in the car (when living out of a Prius for seven weeks, things can get pretty jumbled). 

As we were leaving the campsite for a last look at the Grand Teton from Signal Mountain, we saw a Pronghorn doe with three fawns, still with spots
Family at Work - Finding Food
Fawn, Posing
Almost simultaneously, there was a lot of fuss and feathers a half dozen campsites away from ours because of a black bear with two cubs.  Hard to take a picture because the bear was rooting around in the forest and mostly was a black ball of fur.
Bear Spotting - the Black Dot is the Bear
We had a view of Grand Teton from Signal Moountain as the storm clouds flowed over and around the Teton Range.
As the storm clouds started dribbling and then gushing rain, we went to the Lake Jackson Lodge to use their wi-fi, and to watch the storm from the enormous windows that face across Lake Jackson to Mt. Moran.  Joan delighted in the outdoor wedding planned for 4:30 that afternoon.  Incredibly, the storm abated about 4:15, the wedding proceeded as scheduled, dry, but fortunately the reception was indoors for soon it was raining again.  As an added touch, the wedding party gathered around a piano in the Lodge's lobby as the groom played and sang to his new bride.  (Joan now is asking why I didn't sing to her 35 years ago, nevermind she tells me "stop!" everytime I sing - something about not being able to carry a tune.)