Thursday, July 1, 2010

From the Sublime...

Sunday, reality entered our lives. The Prius gets upset and rude if its synthetic oil doesn't get changed on schedule and we had exceeded its patience. So knowing that we wanted to be in San Francisco Tuesday morning, we had made an appointment for service Monday morning in Barstow. We broke camp and set out via UT14, a road that goes up (to nearly 10,000') and over the plateau between Bryce and Cedar City. There are some spectacular "top-of-the-world" views, including one looking down on Zion Canyon. The road down Cedar Canyon drops 4000' in geology that is as interesting as any on our trip.

But once in Cedar City, it's I-15 - to Las Vegas and on to Barstow. It also was 106 degrees. Sunday afternoon is the wrong time to be traveling toward Los Angeles from Las Vegas - I thought I was driving Los Angeles' I-405 at rush hour, but we got there safely and had a good Mexican dinner at the restaurant in the Quality Inn.

The next morning, the Toyota dealership did its thing very efficiently and we drove on to South San Francisco with the Prius purring. The high fog was doing its thing and we relished the 55 degree temp.