Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bryce Canyon - Camping Again

We'd spent about four hours in Bryce several years ago and found it fascinating. So we determined we'd stay in a motel for a night and then see if we could find a campsite inside the Park for the next three nights. We were fortunate in finding what proved to be a beautiful and satisfying site in the Sunset Campground. No Andy to lean on, so we were on our own. Got to thinking that the last time I did any "real" camping was with Andy's Cub Scout pack in a mango orchard at the bridge over the River Kwai, with ripe mangoes bombarding the tent. Anyway, we did a good job of setting up camp (and later on packing up), although we weren't very swift about it - we keep telling ourselves that we're still on the learning curve and efficiency will come.

The next phase of our trip won't involve tents. Not sure we want to subject my sister to tenting, and we'll be covering a lot of territory in a short time as we show her the Pacific Northwest in only ten days. But after some time with family and friends in Tacoma and Pullman, we'll meet up with Andy and Kate for a week of tenting at Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, a prospect that excites us. And after that, we head north to Jasper and Lake Louise and more camping.