Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crater Lake

Thursday morning we drove up to Crater Lake.  The appetizer along the drive from Roseburg is Diamond Lake, with the relatively small volcano, Mt. Bailey, behind it.

July 15, 2010
June 2, 2008
Crater Lake is a gem unlike any place we know.  The blue of the lake is unforgettable.  Once again we were there with clear blue skies.  Last time we were at Crater Lake, it was the start of June, 2008, and all but the road from the south entrance to the Crater Lake Lodge was under several feet of snow.  This time, all the roads were open, although there were patches of snow along the road, and the road along the east rim had been open only for a week.

We stopped at several lookouts along the west rim road, looking at the ever-varying patterns and reflections on the lake surface, before having lunch at the Lodge.  It's well worth lunching at the Lodge rather than at the cafe.

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 There's a new amenity at Crater Lake - a trolley tour around the rim in good looking "trolleys" that stopped at several lookouts including ones on the east rim road, a road that had been open this year for less than a week.  In addition to the driver, we had a Park Ranger on board who provided an enormous amount of information about Crater Lake, its history, geology, and flora and fauna.  Well worth it, especially for the guy - me - who would have been the driver had we simply driven around the Lake.  Along the way, the Ranger pointed out the many nearby volcanos - and the not so close Mt. Shasta, about 100 miles away.
Looking Across Crater Lake toward Mt. Scott
The Phantom Ship from the East Rim
 We ended the day in a cabin of the Mazama Village Inn - tried to get a reservation at the Lodge in March, but it was already booked up.  Mazama Village is OK, however.  Friday morning, we went back up to the rim.  I did a teleconference with the monthly Diocesan Standing Committee while Joan and Harriett sat on the Lodge's terrace, sometimes enjoying the view, sometimes reading.