Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crater Lake to Kelso

Yes, there will be more photos.  Problem is that the files are too big for dial-up connections - I'll upload them when we find a broadband one.
On Thursday morning, after breakfast at Mazama Village - the cafe there is nicer than the ones at the Grand Canyon and Bryce - we went back up to the rim.  I had a telephone call with the Diocesan Standing Committee, while Joan and Harriett lolled reading on the Crater Lake Lodge terrace overlooking the Lake, which was showing off its morning blue.

We left Crater Lake shortly before noon, dropping down to Rt. 97 east of the Cascades.  All the mountains on our way north through Bend and Redmond were dressed with snow and it was clear enough to see them entirely.  We aimed for The Dalles and turned west on I-84 through the Columbia Gorge.  We stopped at various lookouts and at the Cascade Locks with its historical displays and pleasant walk out along thre Columbia.  Then we found old US Route 30, carved from the face of the cliffs Highway 1 style, and stopped at the Horse Tail Falls and at the more famous Multnomah Falls.  Joan's Dad and brother, Ritchie, drove west from Kansas on Rt. 30 in 1957 - Ritchie still talks of the surprise and awe he felt, having grown up in the Middle West.

The long day ended in Kelso, positioned to go up to Mt. St. Helen in the morning.