Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beginning the Blog

It's Sunday, May 30, 2010. I've just finished six years on the Board of Directors of The Sea Ranch Association. The last year has been exhausting, with many difficult, emotional issues. There is much left hanging, much that will stir passions and mean-spiritedness. I am drained, and so is Joan. We could be caught up in, and worn down by, the turmoil unless we disconnect.

So we'll start on a National Parks Adventure that we expect to take all summer, maybe extend into the fall. We'll leave The Sea Ranch on June 8, returning for June 30. Then we'll leave again on July 12, returning about September 1. The idea is to see as many National Parks in the Western United States and Canada as we can, but in an unstructured way. And the idea of this blog is to record day-by-day the high points of our adventure, illustrated with a few of the best images from each day.